We’re all quackers

I don’t get it. I really just don’t get it. The Phil Robertson debacle amazes me and here are some of the reasons why. At what point is it acceptable to speak in such hateful terms and be celebrated for it. Yes he has a right to  say what he wants and to express his views,everyone in The United States does, however he also should expect consequences for the words he chooses to use and verbalize. We all must accept the RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and words. Just because you have the freedom to speak doesn’t mean you should not be held responsible for the same words you decide to utter. It also mystifies me why so many have come to his defense and haven’t for Paula Deen, Nigella Lawson etc. Is it because a man has more of a right to be defended for his actions then a woman? It certainly appears that way. These women are being held and subjected to loss of income for things they have said and done in  the past but a man isn’t? In my opinion quite a bit of a double standard amongst the conservative sect. It is disgusting that such hateful, bigoted, racist statements are being defended. This “man” should be held accountable for his statements and actions. Christians who believe in Jesus understand that he is a loving god. True christians follow this tenet and make no judgement because they are not the one to make or pass judgement on any human being. Following a book written centuries after the death of Jesus by MEN does not give you the right to judge and condemn any human being. You use this book(s) as an excuse for your own hateful behavior and then try to blame it as god’s word. That’s cowardly. Each one of us has something  we could be judged for as amoral or evil. Not one of us is free from that but we hope people will not judge us especially since no one is privy to what god’s thoughts are. Whom amongst us presumes to know god’s thoughts and plans? Dare you speak and say that you are so special in this world that god has confided in you what his thoughts are? But I digress, my observation is that it seems to be ok to trash women who speak or do controversial things and remove their sources of income but a man should get a pass? Really!!?? At what point does the conservative sect admit they have a double standard-women should be seen and not heard or have an opinion other then what their patriarchal head has and men should be allowed to do and say whatever they want and not be responsible for their actions and statements. I find Mr Robertson’s statements bigoted, racist and hateful and I have listened to his BS anyone that says it is otherwise has not listened to it-to call people murderous, ruthless, heartless and senseless are not terms of endearment-go back to school and get your context straight in language arts. He does however, in this country, have the right to voice his opinion. He also should accept responsibility for his actions and words. The sponsors of such hateful people should not back down and they should drop him as they did Paula Deen, Nigella Lawson and other females who were in a similar predicaments. Our world has enough hate do we really need to propagate more?

amazing the similarities

amazing the similarities



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